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Alcoholics Anonymous is a Christian organization

Posted by jeanne on July 23, 2007

Many recovering addicts turn away from the message of 12-step programs because they are religious, and they feel they are being forced to toe the Christian line when they work the 12 steps. AA proponents deny that the organization is religious, saying that the steps require acknowledgement only of a ‘higher power’ without mention of God or Jesus.

But this is a smokescreen. More than half of the 12 steps mention God or He, directly refuting the denial of religiosity. Alcoholics Anonymous was started by a member of an organization called the Oxford Group, whose founder, Frank Buchman, was a fan of Hitler, and thought that the countries of the world should be ‘God-controlled’ theocracies.

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are derived from the very right-wing Christian Oxford Group (eventually renamed ‘Moral Rearmament’). They may disguise their Christian origins, but every time someone goes to a 12-step meeting, they are attending a Christian worship service.

Loads of people hate that. They complain that putting God into an addictve problem removes all responsibility from the individual, and cripples them further.

2 Responses to “Alcoholics Anonymous is a Christian organization”

  1. Elizabeth Mcfarling said

    I have never given thought to how AA was started and created. Until today. I had always assumed it was a Christian program. My son-in-loves father from England informed me they are atheist and AA is not a Christian program. It is a spiritual one. He did say the creator was once Christian. Thank you for your article. You have confirmed my assumption.

    • jeanne said

      i hope the assumption is that it’s a completely christian organization that only pretends to offer the choice of a designated authority. they are certainly not athiest.

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