Let Them Eat (genetically engineered) Cake

About the food industry, not in a nice way

A scientific study ‘proving’ hog farming is clean

Posted by jeanne on September 2, 2007

Yep, the scientists at Guelph University in Canada have done a study examining hog farms in the field, and simulated real-life conditions in the laboratory, and they’ve decided that we could increase the levels of antibiotics many times before there would be a problem with antibiotics running off into our water supply.

Only at the bottom of the article, it reveals that the study was financed by the food industry, specifically the Canadian Pork Council and the Canadian Cattleman’s Association.

This report will be used as an argument for less oversight and fewer laws, even tho it’s as flawed a piece of research as money can buy.

Here’s how it really works:

Antibiotics in animal feed, used as growth enhancers rather than to treat existing medical conditions, are causing increased antibiotic resistance in the humans who eat them. This is a big problem, and you can find more information here.

Antibiotics fed to animals, especially in factory farms, do re-emerge into the environment in the pee and shit these overcrowded animals excrete. These nasty fluids are collected in huge ponds and allowed to evaporate, which is a much ‘better’ solution than letting them simply run off into our streams and rivers.

Why are we exposed at all? But of course, the laws favor the producers, and don’t give a shit about the consumers.

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