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What’s so funny about mothers and daughters fighting?

Posted by jeanne on September 28, 2007

Funny? What’s the difference between funny and pathetic? Or funny and stupid?

The fact that the daughter thinks she’s right in every argument, and the mother finds to her chagrin that she was just as insufferable when she was that age?

The fact that they’re both saying the same things from a different perspective?

Is the dynamic itself funny, the way the daughter can’t hear anything from the mom without thinking she’s being put down, and how the mom can’t listen to the daughter’s unspoken insecurities and fears?

Is their exasperation with each other funny?

Is it the razor-sharp dialogue?

Is it the situation – they’re both alike except for their attitudes, like looking into a mirror and finding nothing but criticism?

Is it funny like the Battling Bickersons was funny?

Or like Abbot and Costello?

3 Responses to “What’s so funny about mothers and daughters fighting?”

  1. Syerra said

    I fight with my mom almost every day ever since i turned 13 and it is nothing about what this article i read says! I fight with her because she is so impossible and i cant stand it! I just dont seem good enough for her anymore! like for istance….this mothers day i didnt get my mom anything, not even a card. I know I know im so horrible but i said happy mothers day and hugged her and stuff. Its not my fault that i didnt have anybody to take me to the store to get her anything! I am only 13! I cant drive! but anyway she got all upset with me and its not even my fault…if anything she should have been blamming my dad because he didnt take me anywere for her. She said that i dont treat her right anymore and never have anything good to say about her ect. Well, she makes me feel like im the worlds worst daughter and i never do anything right. Another thing is im never good enough for her! last year i got straight A’s (4.0) she was so proud….this year i have more B’s and she like keeps saying “you know what a nice mothers day present it would be for you to get on the HIGH honor roll and make me proud” Well u know what mom i cant say this to u but i can say it on here! Im sorry im not good enough for you anymore and i dont make you proud anymore. Maybe if you didnt keep saying stuff like that then i would just try harder for you. But i just cant do that is you cant except me for who i am and what grades i get (for the record i am a good student and get A’s and B’s) even if they aren’t to your standards! JUST EXEPT ME!!!!!!!! exept the fact im stuborn and have my own oppinion that i have to express even if it is different than your! if you dont start doing that then ur gonna end up loosing me forever because i cant and WON’T be something im not. Please comment on what you think about my situation….thanks i appreciate it.

  2. Syerra said

    and mother snad daughters fighting is not funny like whoever wrote this stupid article says! so just shut your mouth about it cuz u dont know

  3. jeanne said


    when i was 13 i felt exactly like you do now and wrote just the same things in my diary.

    people change. at your age it sounds like a betrayal to go against the way you see things now. but when you get older you get more wisdom, and you understand things more deeply.

    moms are pains in the ass. they’re supposed to be. daughters are pains in the ass. that’s their job, too. it’s all for a reason, and when you grow up, it’ll all be better between you and your mom, and in another 20 years from now you’ll be saying the same things about your teenager.

    that’s how it works. it doesn’t make sense now, but it will. i hope you’re writing it all down, because you’re pretty articulate, and it would be good to come back to what you thought and felt as a teenager when you’re in your 20s or old – in your 30s, or ancient, like me, in my 50s.

    and i do know, that’s my point. it’s universal. it happens in every family. you just think you’re alone.

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