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I’m sick of being all pissy about free glutamates

Posted by jeanne on May 19, 2008

i’m too tired to give much energy to being pissed off about the for-profit food industry’s poisoning of the food supply (their product) just so they can make a buck.

i eat too many free glutamates to have the energy to be pissed off. i’m too lethargic and have too little stamina to actually do anything about it, and i feel so depressed and hopeless that i don’t think my little self can do anything to solve the problem, except to just lay down and die. let them win.

after all, the great majority of humans seem to thrive on loads of free glutamate in their diet. let’s face it, even tho all these millions of many things are bad for you, humans, like dogs, seem to thrive on absolute, rotting, junk. like goats and plastic bags, we’ll eat anything. and the worse it is, the more we’ll consume.

so why do little i feel it is my duty to go up against absolutely everybody’s preference – people for junk food, corporations for market share – and try to force the food industry to stop giving us anything except good food grown in good soil with no pesticides, and to stop fucking with the food in various ways on its way from the dirt to our tables?

am i getting old? i remember thinking that old people always complain that the old days were better, the music these days is noise, and the old days were better. now i’m saying it, ipso facto.

why would i want to decry the poisoning of our food supply? how silly of me. nobody else cares. they prefer the junk in taste tests. dogs prefer the cheap dog food over the good stuff with actual meat in it. what am i thinking?

i have a new theory. it has to do with addiction. it’s a well known fact that with most substances people become dependent on, their tolerance for the substance increases over time. so you get a buzz off one beer at first, and then it takes two, and you slowly work your way up to four (it’s guinness i’m talking, and i’m only a little girl. 4 pints is a lot in one sitting. and i worked up to that over 2 years).

but with some substances, like marijuana, the tolerance decreases. the longer you smoke, the less it takes to get high. (not if you look at my friend gordon. after 30 years of smoking weed, he rolls them as thick as my thumb, and does it again an hour later. but perhaps that’s a different psychological indicator.)

this is how homeopathy works. the less of a substance you consume, the more it effects you.

a sensitivity to free glutamates (msg in all its forms) works in the same way . you react violently to even the hint of glutamates in your food and drink.

so you isolate. you stop going to restaurants, you prepare all your own food, you eat organic whenever possible, you have a very long list of must-never-haves.

but your food is sprayed in the field – dosed in the pen – with various kinds of chemicals, many of which break down strings of proteins into free glutamates. some on purpose. so it’s in all but the purest raw ingredients.

and the way you cook your food breaks down proteins and frees glutamates. a good slow-simmered stew or spaghetti sauce is full of glutamates.

and even if you eat raw food and nothing but, you’re marinating things to break up proteins and thus release glutamates.

so you end up with an even longer list of can’ts. and this is a bit too much like the princess and the pea thing.

so here’s my new theory. those of us who are too sensitive to eat normal food are just a bunch of whiny victims and should just stop being too delicate for this tough world.

i think we should use the other addictive mechanism, desensitization, and accustom our bodies to larger and larger doses, until we’re walking around numb to all the neurons expiring in our bodies.

so begin today. go out and have a plate of sushi, with loads of soy sauce and wasabi and buckets of water. come home, take an aspirin, and stumble into bed for two hours. then get up, and immediately drink a diet coke. by keeping a constant blood level of free glutamates, your body adjusts, and you can start building up a tolerance to it.

of course, to those sensitive to free glutamates, this advice is like being told to take a pinch of lye with your tea every day and just never mind the tummyache. or the rape-victim advice to just lay back and enjoy it.

the only disuturbing part of laying back is how many times my sky-is-falling things have been right.

cellphones do cause cancer

fluoride is bad for you

msg is a neurotoxin

it’s just that i’m so tired these days i don’t feel like i can take on the world. and these rants are getting weaker. i may be right, but they may win anyway. isn’t that just the way this planet is organized?

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