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About the food industry, not in a nice way

meat glue

Posted by jeanne on April 10, 2011

what more need i say?  gluing meat together so scrap looks like prime.  it’s basically msg on steroids, it’s got to be bad for you, and of course, it’s not regulated and we consumers know nothing about it.

let’s have a look.

transglutaminase.  from the wikipedia entry:

It can be used as a binding agent to improve the texture of protein-rich foods such as surimi or ham.

Transglutaminase is also used in molecular gastronomy to meld new textures with existing tastes.

Transglutaminase can be used in these applications:

  • Improving texture of emulsified meat products, such as sausages and hot dogs.
  • Binding different meat parts into a larger ones (“portion control”), such as in restructured steaks
  • Improving the texture of low-grade meat such as so-called “PSE meat” (pale, soft, and exudative meat, whose characteristics are attributed to stress and a rapid postmortem pH decline)
  • Making milk and yogurt creamier
  • Making noodles firmer

there are problems with meat made up of chunks, oxidation and food poisoning being two of them.  transglutamase has also been implicated in huntington’s and parkinson’s diseases, as well as celiac disease.

here’s an interesting uninformed speculation.  given the polymerizing action of translutamase –

Transglutaminases form extensively cross-linked, generally insoluble protein polymers. These biological polymers are indispensable for the organism to create barriers and stable structures. Examples are blood clots (coagulation factor XIII), as well as skin and hair.

– maybe this would be another reason why you’d want to cook the hell out of it before you ate it.

it’s made by ajinomoto, under the tradename activa rm, and costs about a hundred dollars for about a kilo of white powder.  ajinomoto makes msg.

last year the eu first approved, and then banned its use on safety grounds.  but because its a good way of using cheaper meat and getting more for it, it’s evidently used all the time.  it’s considered safe by the fda – gras – and it’s one of the stars of the new cuisine.

here’s a video lecture on meat glue in the industry.

here’s a news report on meat glue.

think mcnuggets, but they don’t have to label it.  think fake crabmeat.  noticed a creamier yogurt lately?  maybe that’s what’s doing it.  blood clotting agent.

being transglutaminase, does it contain msg?  is it the same thing?  does it have the same neurotransmitter effect that msg has?  i can’t tell.  but i’ll keep my eye out and let you know.  in the meantime, it may be that it’s best to avoid most boneless meat roasts, as well as all that other crap we know is bad.

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