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hair of the dog

Posted by jeanne on October 28, 2011

i’ve long held that you should not be too pure because it makes you too vulnerable to passing whammies.  so i am domestically challenged, but it’s by choice.

oh 20 some odd years ago i went to an allergist because i had asthma and my doctor referred me.  i got a battery of tests – these big boards with pins sticking out of them that the tech mashed into my back, and then watched the welts come up.

the result – i was allergic to practically everything and needed a whole bunch of allergy shots, a whole regimen.

i ran screaming.

my understanding of my own system is that i am hypersensitive, especially to chemicals.  but i react easily, to pretty much anything.  i’ve got that kind of personality, too.  you should see me at a party.

so my answer to i’m allergic to everything was to decide i just had to be more tolerant.

so, allergic to feathers?  sleep on a feather pillow.  allergic to dog hair?  get a dog.  total immersion, that’s my answer.  it’s a personal thing.  kind of macho, actually, and since i got cancer i’ve kind of toned down the self-conquering attitude.

but moderation in all things.

being allergic to something is being intolerant to it.

and intolerance is bad, right?

so the idea that a little dose will inoculate you isn’t such a far-fetched one.

Can exposing little mites to dust stop allergy?

By Martin Halfpenny

Thursday October 27 2011

DOCTORS are to expose babies to dust mites in an attempt to halt the rising allergy epidemic.

Experts hope that exposing tots under one year old to the common allergen — often found in pillows, mattresses and on carpets — when their immune systems are developing will prevent them becoming allergic in the future.

A total of 120 babies aged five to nine months with a family history of allergy will take part in the project.

It is being conducted at the respiratory biomedical research unit at the University Hospital Southampton and the David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Centre on the Isle of Wight.

As many as one in four people in the UK are affected at some time in their lives, with children accounting for half of those affected.

Dust mites are the most prevalent trigger, inducing reactions in 85pc of asthmatic people.

Prof Graham Roberts, a specialist in allergies, said: “We hope that by giving babies an allergen when their immune systems are working out what is and isn’t harmful will teach their bodies to not become susceptible as they grow up.”

Professor Hasan Arshad, director of the research centre, said: “We need to act very early in life — before babies reach their first birthday — and this should reduce the development of asthma and other allergies.”


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