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homemade hot sauce cure-all

Posted by jeanne on November 18, 2011

i say cure all.  the basis for this recipe came off a swine flu forum page in 2009, when i was prepping for the big one.

but time goes on.  i still have the mother of all my hot sauces brewing on top of the fridge, and i’ve sent lots of little baby hot sauces out into the world as gifts.

and now my friend santa claus has donated a bag of peppers from the mennonite farm around the corner from the north pole, so i’ve got a brand new batch going.

i thought i’d show you.

the basic idea behind cure-all hot sauce is to put all sorts of medicinal things into vinegar for awhile.  and then eat it on everything.

so the picture above shows all sorts of things in the bottom of the jar.  eyes of garlic, chunks of ginger, juniper berries, allspice, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, celery seed, coriander, cumin seed, black pepper, brown mustard seed, and whatever else is in my pantry at the time.  i didn’t have horseradish, more’s the pity.

and then i stuffed it full of finger hot peppers, poured it full of vinegar, then capped it, dated it, and stuck it on top of the fridge. no pressure/heat canning, nothing complicated.  the ingredients are pretty mold proof in vinegar like that.

in a couple of months i can start pouring off the vinegar and bottling it up as hot sauce, wish maybe a couple more eyes and fingers inside.

i sent batches of it out once xmas, but only a few people ever commented on it, so i’m not doing that anymore.  but i’ve got loads on the fridge and use it like it was free.

which it is.

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