Let Them Eat (genetically engineered) Cake

About the food industry, not in a nice way


Welcome to my newest novel-blog. Currently I have one completed novel in the blogosphere, called Splat, and am working on another one, Construction News.

Let Them Eat (Geneticaly Engineered) Cake is a social satire about the current state of the food industry, which is poisoning our food supply. Follow our heroine, who for the moment is called Suzie, as she enters the belly of the beast unawares, and ends up saving the world for real food.

Or something. As in Construction News, you are invited to watch me create a novel, from the first germ of an idea, thru sketches, research, and first drafts, to hopefully a finished story. You are invited to comment on what you see here, and maybe you’ll enjoy my writing.

A request: if you’re a food-wary person and have any knowledge of the truly nasty things industry is doing to our food supply, please drop me a line and let me know what’s  going on  where you can see it. Anything you can tell me will be part of my research.

Enjoy the meal.

One Response to “About”

  1. zeke said

    xanthan gum is made from black mold poop
    which is being used in gluten free cookbooks
    it’s twice as expensive as guar gum which is made from dried beans
    Plus the FDA has approved xanthan gum but denies guar gum as being safe even though it has proven health benefits
    and who can we thank for this yummy stuff

    If you need anymore data you can look through my facebook page.

    And by the way great stuff and fun to read, thank you.

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