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being gay – it’s nature before nurture

Posted by jeanne on June 28, 2008

it starts at 6 weeks, when the flood of hormones from mom’s body cause the fetus to decide to be a boy or be a girl, physically. at 5 weeks every baby is a little girl. the flood of hormones comes, and suddenly slightly more than half are now little boys. their tiny clitorises get bigger, their ovaries drop out of their bodies, and their wombs shrivel up and become prostate glands.

this is just the physical part of who we are sexually.

the brain does the same thing. at some point in the fetal development, the brains of straight men and lesbian women start diverging from the even-hemisphere brained straight women and gay men. of course, science  knows nothing much at all at this time.

they’ve just found (yet more) evidence of physical differences between gay and straight people. the right hemisphere is larger than the left in straight men and lesbians. it’s the same size in women and gays.and there are more connections to the right side of the amygdala in straight men and lesbians.

many people, especially the gay-hating fundamentalists, argue that you are not born gay, that it’s a choice influenced by satan himself (a middle-aged white guy) for which you will never gain admittance to heaven.

you might look at being gay like this. you’re a gang of guys and this pretend guy comes up and wants to be accepted. or you’re a clot of women and this pretend woman oozes up and wants to bond. it’s kind of creepy.

but look at being gay this way. people are naturally attracted to men, or they’re naturally attracted to women, and it’s completely natural.

people sexually oriented toward women – straight men and lesbian women.

people sexually oriented toward men – straight women and gay men.

a researcher recently did a bunch of autopsies looking at the hypothalamus. it governs sexual behavior in the brain (at least it’s one of t places). lots of study has been done in monkeys. the hypothalamus of a straight man is twice as large as that of both women and gay men. (so it’s not just testosterone, there’s a gland in his brain as well. men are just full of sex hormones. that, and they’ve got an outie, poor things, it rubs up against things all the time and they just can’t help themselves, poor vulnerable men. )

i was lying in bed wondering about this early this morning. if being gay were something you were born with,  would the fundamentalists accept this?

no. would they now argue for selective abortion for gays since they’re an abomination if they can’t be cured?

no. surely they would want to castrate them instead, and apply correction thru the church. they could call them little angels. never going to heaven because they’re constitutionally gay, but can be made to serve the interests of the church.

they could make a law. mandatory fetus testing, and if you’re convicted of being gay they can put you away and do what they want with you. gay slaves. gay mass graves. we’ve been close enough there in the past, it could happen tomorrow.

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