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Posted by jeanne on August 16, 2011

i had to go lie down right after lunch today.  i could feel it coming on for about ten minutes, a growing fatigue, heaviness of the body and thickness of thinking.  i strongly felt like taking a nap.  so i got up and staggered to bed, my heart pounding, and went straight to sleep, as if i’d been drugged.

it was a late lunch – 2:30, and i could have worked thru the fatigue, gotten up, walked the dogs, gone back to work.  but i went and lay down, and the next thing i knew the phone was ringing, so i lurched up, grabbed it on the third ring, grunted a few times, and handed the phone off to the intended recipient, then fell back into bed instead of getting up and going back to work, and slept for another while.  then it was 5 in the afternoon.

and this is the second time it’s happened just like that after yogurt.  the second time i’ve noticed it.

so what am i eating?  or is it possible that i’m leaving the food so late that my blood sugar is near zero and it takes all my being to process whatever food i shovel in?

i ate stoneyfield plain organic whole milk yogurt, but recently they’ve fucked with the yogurt (using enzymes) and now it’s ‘smooth and creamy’ with a suspicious pebbly pattern, instead of being cream on top.

also in the bowl is my spice mixture – cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger.

walnuts, almonds, rolled oats, coconut.

blueberries, prunes, crystallized ginger.

and a healthy spoonful of raw honey.

something is knocking me out.  and this post is the beginning of figuring it out.  it’s happened before with yogurt, but my eating habits are not regular or consistent, and a lot of things knock me out.  i’ll be keeping notes.

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