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the best farmer’s market in atlanta

Posted by jeanne on August 19, 2012

i love atlanta. it’s green, people are friendly and come from all over, it’s laid back for the east coast, and cool things bubble up here and then spread around the world. like coca-cola, to be historical. like hip-hop music. like monumental street art. like neighborhood farmer’s markets. we’re the new york of the south, the los angeles of the east, the denver of the lowlands, the austin of the mountains, the charlottesville of the piedmont, the boston of something.

so today, sunday, i cruised down to a local farmer’s market, which i have heard people from alpharetta speak of as the best farmer’s market in atlanta.  the grant park farmer’s market, this is its second or third year operating, and there are vendors from all over with the freshest food you’ll find anywhere outside of your back garden.  and so photogenic.  even tho it was just finished raining, the streets were packed with cars looking for somewhere to park, and the crowds came pouring in as we walked down along venerable grant park to get to the market.

the first thing you see are coffee and donuts, and it was with the utmost forbearance that i was able to walk past.  that, and i wasn’t holding the money.

i won’t bother trying to name all the vendors.  there were several dozen, and they’re mostly listed here.

i took a bunch of closeup shots of the vegetables, because i’m thinking i want to do a couple of paintings when i get a chance.

just look at that artisan bread.  you want some, don’t you?  popped into the oven for a minute or two and then slathered with butter.

they don’t just have food there.  you can get plants, there’s music, there are things for the kids to do.  there was a bike race while we were there.

this lady sells flavored sea salt, for instance.  definitely not food, but very edible all the same.

and these folks were handing out tastes of handmade cheese.  very tasty, thanks.

handmade pasta.  you could make it yourself, if you had the patience and the proper wheat.

little bitty tomatos all laid out in baskets.  everybody had their own presentation, and i kept flitting from one to the other, oohing and aahing at the bright colors and neat shapes.

and everybody’s so friendly.

and the products are so varied, like these salsas.

and even some crafts – kitchen fabrics.  everybody needs potholders.

yogurt and ice cream, too.

and more colors than i wear on my tie-dyed shirts.

honey!  and he sells beeswax from his own farm, right down the street from where my grandson avery rides his horse.

couldn’t get a good shot of the fresh eggs, but the sample box had all sorts of shades of beige.

oh, and vietnamese food, with ginger and sesame dumplings in the foreground.

peaches.  i bought a bag of scratch-and-dent peaches for half nothing, and will be making a pie later on.

these kids were so alert, helping their dad sell their produce.  see the little girl looking at the camera?

people from all over.  truly global.  that’s why i love atlanta.

i knew you’d get hungry reading this post.

these guys specialize in crepes, but you can put anything into a crepe, so it’s all good.

and they’re so friendly they even let me photograph them close up.  smiling, even.

don’t forget the pastries.  you can eat them while you’re walking around.

many of the vendors are dedicated back-to-the-earth hippies.  many of the vendors are old fashioned farmer types.  many of the vendors are serious foodies.  it takes all kinds, and they all seem to be represented here.  they all love what they do, and everybody loves having them here.

look, here’s local celebrity jim yarbrough, a famous artist who lives right here in grant park.

grant park conservancy, the tireless folks who make this all possible.

and as we were leaving, the crowds were pouring in.  there’s nothing more hip these days than shopping at an urban farmer’s market.  come on back, y’all, hear?

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